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Publication date: 09.10.2019
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Vladimir A. Eliseev , doctor of technical sciences , professor, chief research scientist
CJSC "Institute of Innovation and Technology Management" , Москва г

«Scientific and technological determinants of innovation development strategy»

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The subject content of the work is domestic innovative development, the theme – scientific and technological aspects, and purpose – consideration of the determinants of the current Strategy until 2020 and prospective one – anticipated Strategy until 2030. The Methodology of work is the application of elements of system analysis (taken and expected government decisions) in the field of innovation research and technological development relating to directions, outcomes, determinants, indicators, challenges and priorities. The research is based on the general scientific method (problem statement, information-analytical generalizations, classification and analogies, analysis and synthesis, inductive-deductive approach). The results of the work consist in the formulation of scientific and technological determinants of innovative development. The application scope of the results is the strategy of innovative development until 2030. Conclusion. The strategy of innovative development until 2020 takes into account the bases of strategic planning and scientific and technological development of the country, the selected model and the tempos of innovative development take into account the world experience and domestic characteristics, aimed at parity-adapted integration into the world economy, contribute to reducing the retardation from developed countries. Step-by-step formulation of scientific and technological determinants of innovation Strategy until 2030 can be expected from the discussed draft Program «Scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation for 2019–2030». For comparative and analytical clarification of the development model (within the framework of the Strategy until 2030), it is important to display its innovative characteristics (scientific and technical novelty, satisfaction of market demand, tradability) against the background of global trends and projected features of the «road map» of the new technological mode. At the same time, the scientific and technological determinants of innovative development will definitely remain trans-parently oriented priority areas for the development of science, technology and technology, critical technologies and technological platforms. In addition, due to the multiplicative role of attracted investments in the growth of national income and employment, it seems promising to continue to remove obstacles to the development of public-private partnerships; although, in order to increase the level of technological development of the private sector and change for the better the unsatisfactory financing of R&D by business, in the foreseeable future, limited state protectionism is intended to initiate demand for innovations.