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Publication date: 17.02.2017
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Anastasia V. Kanaeva , студентка
FSFEI of HE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" , Москва г
Tatiana B. Turischeva , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г

«Features of the organization of the accounting in the state unitary organizations (case study Government institution – the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation)»

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This article studies characteristics of the organization and staging of accountancy in the state unitary organization with specific reference. It describes the tasks of accounting, accounting functions and duties of the chief accountant. The paper explores the structure of accounting in general. А special attention is paid to one of the accounting departments – Department for settlements with individuals and payments to the budget. The functions and duties of ordinary accountant of the Department are described in detail.