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[19.00.00] Психологические науки

Publication date: 13.04.2017
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Tupitsin Aleksey Anatolievich , религиовед, директор
Centre for Civic Assistance , Иркутская обл

«The religious cult and ritual among adherents of Christian denominations: the experience of Ust-Kut city (Irkutsk region, Russia)»

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The proposed paper deals with the results of a sociological survey conducted in 2015 among the population identifying themselves as followers of the Christian faith in Ust-Kut city, Irkutsk region. It describes the demographic composition of those surveyed and analyzes preliminary data from the study. As the results show, there is a religious illiteracy among the followers of the Orthodox denomination, and commitment to all sorts of religious practices shall be declared more decorative rather than a deep awareness of the principles and tenets of faith. It is concluded that this may lead to the almost complete exclusion of the faith and to the entropy of society in the future.