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Publication date: 28.07.2022
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Marina A. Fediunina
FGBOU VO "Gosudarstvennyi akademicheskii universitet gumanitarnykh nauk" , Москва г

«The position of Korean women during the period of Japanese colonial rule (1905-1945)»

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The article examines the transformation of the position of women in the context of the colonization of Korea. The forced "discovery" of Korea in the second half of the 19th century made it vulnerable to developed states: in the course of the struggle for a new sphere of influence, Japan established a protectorate over Korea. Contrary to the expectations of some reformers, Japan did not become a pillar in the modernization of the Korean state, perceiving Korea only as a colony. The involvment of female low-paid labor and the sexual exploitation of Korean women became evidence of the exploitative nature of Japanese colonial policy.

Филология и лингвистика (русская литература, фольклористика, журналистика, языкознание, прикладная лингвистика и др)

Publication date: 05.12.2018
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Oksana I. Tolubanova
FSBEI of HE "Sakhalin State University" , Сахалинская обл

«Obraz zerkala v rasskaze EHdogavy Rampo «Ad zerkal»»

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This article presents the results of the study of the mirror's imagery in Japanese literature. Also it presents the imagery of the mirror in the works of the Japanese writer Edagawa Rampo is analyzed. In addition, the characteristics of the mirror's imagery in a particular work by the aforementioned writer are presented , which in turn makes it possible to notice the similarities and differences between Western and Japanese ideas about mirrors.


Publication date: 18.05.2018
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Svetlana V. Tuganova , candidate of philological sciences
Alina I. Shakurova
Kazanskii filial FGBOU VO "Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi universitet pravosudiia" , Татарстан Респ

«Japanese law as one of the legal systems of the modern world»

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The article explores the concept of Japanese law, gives its brief historical overview, presents the Japanese law structure and examines some issues of criminal justice.

Исторические науки

Publication date: 27.06.2017
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Katerina V. Beliaeva
Sergei O. Buranok , doctor of historical sciences
FSBEI of HE "Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education" , Самарская обл

«Роль Японии в будущей Парижской мирной конференции в «New York Times» 1918 года»

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This article tells us about The New York Times' point of view during 1918 on Japanese Empire's part in Paris Peace Conference. It also shows that the contribution of the new superpower both as one of the allies and a member of the future peace conference was underestimated by the US media on purpose. The primary focus of the press was to create a new American enemy out of Japan.


Publication date: 09.06.2017
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Yong Yin
Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences , The People's Republic of China

«China – Japan – Russia relations for the influence of the northeast Asian region under the new situation»

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China, Japan, Russia, the three countries play an important role in northeast Asia. China – Japan – Russia relations are one of the important influence to the northeast Asian region. The relations among China, Japan and Russia are very special relationships in the world, with Russia's political and economic center in Europe, so it does not directly affect the relationships between the world powers. The author can only say that this belongs to the regional relations, but it has an influence across regions. At the same time, the relations are not simple relationships in a specific field, but a complex, multiple collection. The United States and Japan have increasingly tense relationships because of Ukraine problem between Russia and Europe. Russia issued a statement that attaches great importance to the economic and political ties with Asia. This paper has the analysis of the new situation of China – Japan – Russia relations, the analysis of Russia's strategy of «east» of increasingly complex forms in northeast Asia, which has a great significance to the formation of the northeast Asia economic integration.

Исторические науки

Publication date: 02.08.2016
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Natalia G. Lapina
National Research University «Higher School of Economics» , Москва г

«Historical significance of Gojong's transition in Russian diplomatic mission»

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The author points out that in the late XIX century in a sharpening of capitalist powers struggle for influence in Korea and unstable political situation van Gojong along with the heir to the throne had taken refuge in the territory of Russian diplomatic mission in Seoul, where he managed to fulfill the state administration. The article provides an analysis of the events that preceded the transition of Korean ruler to Russian diplomatic mission, as well as an attempts to assess the incident and to identify its impact on Russian-Korean relations.