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Publication date: 03.05.2017
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Abdizhalil A. Muratov , doctor of medical sciences , заведующий кафедрой
Osh State University , Kyrgyzstan
Kozubai O. Abdykalykov , candidate of medical sciences , заведующий хирургическим отделением
Jalal-Abad Regional Hospital , Kyrgyzstan
Zhanybek A. Kutuev , postgraduate student
Osh State University , Kyrgyzstan

«Some approaches to sanitation relaparotomy in patients with complicated abdominal trauma»

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The article deals with separate approaches to relaparotomy based on the studies of tye results of sanitation relaparotomy (SRL) in 36 patients with abdominal trauma complicated by postoperative peritonitis. The analysis of the rating information of surgeons involved in the SRL have been carried out. With a multiple organ failure, the lethality after SRL increases 4-fold. If surgeons of higher professional skills participate in the process of SRL, the chances of a favorable outcome of the operation increase, and the level of adverse outcome markedly reduces.