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Физическое воспитание и здоровьесберегающая деятельность

Publication date: 30.05.2017
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Aleksandra V. Antonova , cтудентка
Anastasiia P. Zarubina , cтудентка
Nadezhda A. Sidorova , доцент
Кемеровский институт (филиал) ФГБОУ ВО «Российский экономический университет им. Г.В. Плеханова» , Кемеровская обл

«Мотивация студентов к занятиям физической культурой»

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The specialist of the future is a highly organized personality, quickly adapting to the social and economic transformations of society, possessing high intelligence, perseverance in achieving the goal, independence in decision-making, and a steady need for physical improvement. The current students are the main labor reserve of our country, they are future parents, and their health and well-being is the key to the health and well-being of the whole nation. In this regard, a huge role is played b