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Наука и инновации в современном мире и изменения социальных ценностей

Publication date: 28.01.2016
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Mahail B. Zykov , doctor of economic sciences, doctor of philosophical sciences
FSBEI of HE "Bunin Yelets State University" , Липецкая обл

«Обоснование, теория и практика Третьей мировой революции в философской трилогии Льва Толстого»

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Three kinds of life – biological, social and spiritual, – the basic items of the Author’s doctrine of human life – are considered in connection with the problem of the efficient governing by the behavior of social entities and of the human beings, using spiritual values. It’s shown that the first fundamental ideas in the field were put forward by Russian writer, philosopher and scientist Leo Tolstoy who predicted the Third World Revolution to implement the spiritual values to the humankind’s life.