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Publication date: 04.07.2017
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Seysembay M. Imbay , candidate of agricultural sciences , доцент
Khosmyrza Z. Zhumabaev , candidate of veterinary sciences , доцент
Zhandarbek M. Zhsupbekov , старший преподаватель
AI "S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University" , Kazakhstan

«Исследование микрофлоры воздуха на объектах»

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Air is an unfavorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms. The study of the air included: sampling from objects (dining room, toilet, clinic) and studying their microflora. Sedimentation and aspiration methods were used in the study of air samples. In the study of morphological properties, most of the isolated microorganisms are Gram-positive globular (80-90%) and only from sample No. 3 - rod-shaped Gram-negative. As a result of the study, we found that the most contaminated micro