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Publication date: 16.03.2020
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Aleksei G. Shelestov , officer cadet
FSBEI of HE "Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia" , Москва г

«Significance of Organizing Security Services of the Territorial Bodies of the Russian MIA Under Emergency Circumstances as a Factor of Social and Political Stability in the Russian Federation»

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The article discusses the relationship between the stable functioning of the political system of the Russian Federation and the country's national security, through the implementation of the law enforcement function in emergency situations by the internal affairs bodies of Russia, taking into account the specifics of organizing rear services support.


Publication date: 19.03.2018
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Aleksandr V. Nikishkin , candidate of juridical sciences, corresponding member Russian Academy of Natural Sciences , старший преподаватель, подполковник полиции
Igor V. Stepanov , candidate of juridical sciences , доцент, полковник полиции
FSEI of HE "Saint Petersburg University of RF Ministry of Internal Affairs" , Санкт-Петербург г
Olga A. Popovich
OMVD Rossii po Ust'ianskomu raionu Arkhangel'skoi oblasti , Архангельская обл

«Special equipment of internal Affairs bodies of Russia: scope and practical significance»

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The article deals with the scope of application of special technical means available in the armed units of the internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation, in terms of practical significance, to ensure the security of the constitutional system of the state, to preserve the life and health of citizens.

Здоровьесберегающая инфраструктура образовательных учреждений всех типов

Publication date: 12.01.2018
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Aleksandr S. Zaloznii
Dmitrii A. Zhikharev
FSBEI of HE "Don State Technical University" , Ростовская обл

«Fizicheskaia kul'tura i sport v organakh vnutrennikh del»

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The article deals with the problems associated with the use of physical strength and the ways of forming physical and psychological training with the help of physical culture and sports, to improve the performance of sports and service tasks