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Дополнительное (внешкольное) образование детей

Publication date: 07.12.2021
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Svetlana N. Shevtsova
Natalia N. Babkina
MAUDO "Tsentr dopolnitel'nogo obrazovaniia "Uspekh" , Белгородская обл

«Interactive forms of work in the activities of the school museum»

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The modern school museum is not just expositions, exhibitions, traditional excursions. During the rapid development of information technologies, it is very important for museums to take an active position in the field of introducing digital information systems

Технические науки

Publication date: 11.01.2018
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Anastasiia G. Proaspet , bachelor of engineering sciences
GBOU VO Moskovskoi oblasti "Tekhnologicheskii universitet" , Московская обл

«Development of corporate information system to manage content online resource of enterprise»

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Existing software products for content management of the enterprise Internet resource are difficult for the staff who are responsible for the content management or do not provide the necessary level of security and functionality. According to the author, it is necessary to develop requirements for a corporate information system that allows you to manage Internet resources effectively.


Publication date: 23.03.2017
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Iana V. Prikhodko , candidate of pedagogic sciences
FSOGEI “Orenburg Presidential Cadet School” of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence , Оренбургская обл

«The educational Internet resources»

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The article touches the problem of activation the learning process by means of implementation the educational Internet resources. Seven main forms of educational Internet resources are explicitly described. The appropriateness of using the Internet resources in every particular case is being thoroughly examined.

Publication date: 23.01.2016
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Galina N. Chusavitina , candidate of pedagogic sciences
Inna M. Kuznetsova
FSBEI of HE "G.I. Nosov Magnitogorsk State technical University" , Челябинская обл

«Профилактика негативного воздействия на студенческую молодежь информационных ресурсов сети Интернет»

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The research summarizes and arranges theoretical and empirical studies on the problem of forming resistance to negative effects of Internet resources on university students and young adults.