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Педагогика профессиональной школы: среднего профессионального и высшего образования

Publication date: 27.04.2018
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Nariman K. Dvoyashkin , doctor of physical and mathematical sciences , professor
Radis R. Kabirov , candidate of pedagogic sciences , associate professor
Alina H. Novikova , head teacher
Almetyevsk State Oil Institute , Татарстан Респ

«Forms and methods of teaching the general physics course in a technical university of oil profile»

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The article presents various forms and methods of physics teaching to students of a technical university of oil profile, allowing to maintain an optimal level of knowledge acquisition by future bachelors in the conditions of a substantial reduction of the time allocated by modern curricula for studying this subject. Possibilities of using certain approaches for effective organization of the learning process are discussed, those possibilities are used at the Department of Physics and Chemistry of the Almetyevsk State Oil Institute. Attention is drawn to the relevance of intersubject communications usage, contributing to the successful acquisition of professional knowledge and skills, which are the basis for the future engineer. The essence and effectiveness of the grade-rating system application are revealed in the assessment of students' knowledge.