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Publication date: 08.06.2018
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Korotaeva Mariia Andreevna , студент
Permskii filial FGAOU VO "Natsional'nyi issledovatel'skii universitet "Vysshaia shkola ekonomiki" , Пермский край

«The role of public prosecution in controlling the implementation of legislation on the contract system of the Russian Federation»

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The negative tendency of the growth of the corruption sector in the contract system makes it necessary to improve the measures of prosecutor's supervision over observance of the law in this sphere. The lack of consolidation in the legislative regulation of the powers and functions of the prosecutor, in the presence of their actual implementation, as well as the lack of a methodological basis for conducting inspections, hinders the effective implementation of supervisory functions. The article summarizes the practical problems of supervisory activities and the possibilities for their minimization.