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Publication date: 24.08.2018
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Lev B. Velgas , inventor-innovator, research expert
, Москва г
Liya L. Iavolinskaia , coordinator
ICPO "Vozrozhdenie" , Москва г

«Five main categories of bodies in the solar system»

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In their concept the authors try to prove that all planets rotate around their axes because of the impact of their satellites. Rotation of the Joint Gravity Force is similar for all planets and for the Sun. The Sun and each Planet can have several satellites. The joint force of gravity of each pair – the satellite of the planet and the planet itself, the satellite of the Sun and the Sun itself, if the Joint Gravitation Force moves due to the motion of the satellite in orbit, rotates the planet or the Sun. However, there are difficulties due to the existing classification. The terminology of some basic bodies in the space of the Universe is very unclear, namely of planets and asteroids. With a clear classification, it is easier to identify the laws for each category. The authors give such definitions for bodies, so that it is easy to fix the basic properties of the body in the category.