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Publication date: 28.12.2018
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Lev B. Velgas , inventor-innovator, research expert
, Москва г
Liya L. Iavolinskaia , coordinator
ICPO "Vozrozhdenie" , Москва г

«Once again in detail about where does solar energy come from»

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In the concept presented in this article, the authors try to prove that all the planets revolve around their axes due to the impact of their satellites. The rotation of the Joint Force is similar for all planets and for the Sun. The sun and each planet can have several satellites. Joint Force of Graviation each pair – the satellite of the planet and the planet itself, the satellite of the Sun and the Sun itself, if it is, the Joint Force of Graviation, moves because of the satellite's orbit, rotates the planet or the Sun. The work recalls that the Joint Force of the Moon and the Earth holds the Moon so that the side of the moon with a larger mass is located in the direction of the Earth. All satellites (there are more than 150 of them) are in a rigid stable position – depending on their planets. And all planets-satellites in the solar system in rotation around their axes depend on their satellites. Earth and the Moon in this matter are not original. Researchers provide evidence of the absence of a thermonuclear reaction on the stars and argue that the energy of so-lar radiation is electrical energy, not thermonuclear. The authors remind that the Thermonuclear Reaction to the Sun does not go, as R. Davis proved: there is no, a very few, not enough for the existence of a Thermonuclear reaction solar neutrinos. And this means, most likely, there is another source of solar energy. And he really is. The article explains the mechanism of the method of F. Arago.