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Publication date: 20.05.2019
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Ulia F. Katahanova , doctor of pedagogical sciences
Liubov V. Kultsova
FSBEI of HE "Moscow State University of Education" , Москва г

«Cognitive processes in the artistic and educational environment»

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The article discusses the features of the cognitive processes of students, including the process of cognition in context with the artistic and educational environment that ensures the reflection of the phenomena of the objective world in solving the upcoming life tasks. The impact of an insufficiently objective attitude to the discipline «Visual arts» in school teaching practice, which influences the development of cognitive-visual (visual-cognitive) thinking of students, is shown. It is in the artistic and educational environment that the skills of visual perception of various information are formed using the pictorial language of images, clarity, sign and symbolic systems that promote the conscious use of concepts and inference in any academic discipline. As a result, it is shown that the development of cognitive processes includes the formation of internal motivational activity of children, methods of perception of visual information associated with information exchange, inspired by cognitive metaphor and cognitive load, as a result, children's intellectual development, including cognition, explanation and understanding of educational information.