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Формирование ценности здоровья и здорового образа жизни

Publication date: 22.01.2020
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Gulzira O. Ismailova , candidate of chemical sciences , доцент
Ulmasoi A. Abdikulova , студентка
Ziioda E. Iliasova , студентка
Tashkentskii pediatricheskii meditsinskii institut , Uzbekistan

«Synthesis of Natural Coumarine with 1,6-Benzodioxocine Fragment»

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In this article, synthesis of a new 3-heteroaryl-4H-coumarin with a 1,6-benzodioxocine fragment expanded by the size of the heterocycle in ring (B) under the conditions of the Knoevenagel reaction is considered. It is suggested that the novel compound could provide a basis for further antituberculosis drugs research.