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Publication date: 30.07.2020
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Andrei V. Riabov
Permskii filial FGAOU VO "Natsional'nyi issledovatel'skii universitet "Vysshaia shkola ekonomiki" , Пермский край

«Modern Methods and Techniques of Personnel Evaluation in Educational Organizations»

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The main issue of this study is a further development of the criteria of personnel evaluation in knowledge-based organizations and application of this method in order to conduct the performance appraisal in terms of a particular company. Two research methods are used: the analysis of the data based on in-depth interviews, and questioning of 130 existing company respondents according to 360-degree feedback model. The results are analyzed and then proposed to the superiors of the company. The following study presents a description of the investigated field context, an analysis of the existing approaches in performance appraisal, chosen methods justification, and results anticipated.