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Publication date: 15.10.2020
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Ekaterina P. Burmistrova , master's student
FSBEI of HE “The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration” , Москва г

«Impact of the Lean Start up Method on Project Performance Indicators»

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The article considers the Lean Startup method, highlights and reveals its features. Also, its provides a comparative analysis of this method with other approaches to project management. Special attention is paid to revealing the influence of the Lean Startup method on project performance indicators.

Culturology and art criticism

Publication date: 11.06.2019
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Grigorii A. Tkachuk , degree-seeking student , assistant professor
FSBEI of HE “Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design named after A.L. Stieglitz”, , Санкт-Петербург г

«The ratio of the rational and irrational in the design of aesthetic environment»

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The article describes the use of designers in the process of preparation at the Department of Environmental Design of the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design unique method of preparing students for the discipline of «design». The method is based on a combination of rational and irrational approaches to work on the project. The specificity of the irrational approach to work on the creation of an artistic image of an object is described. and artistic concept. The process of searching for an artistic image of an object is analyzed. The artistic image and its value in the work on the project.

Филология и лингвистика (русская литература, фольклористика, журналистика, языкознание, прикладная лингвистика и др)

Publication date: 05.12.2018
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Oksana I. Tolubanova , студентка
FSBEI of HE "Sakhalin State University" , Сахалинская обл

«Obraz zerkala v rasskaze EHdogavy Rampo «Ad zerkal»»

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This article presents the results of the study of the mirror's imagery in Japanese literature. Also it presents the imagery of the mirror in the works of the Japanese writer Edagawa Rampo is analyzed. In addition, the characteristics of the mirror's imagery in a particular work by the aforementioned writer are presented , which in turn makes it possible to notice the similarities and differences between Western and Japanese ideas about mirrors.

Иностранный язык

Publication date: 03.12.2018
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Maksim V. Chusovlianov , ученик 10 класса
Larisa A. Pelevina , учитель английского языка
MBOU g. Novosibirska "Litsei Informatsionnykh Tekhnologii" , Новосибирская обл

«Changes in English grammar on example of using irregular verbs forms»

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The paper deals with the changes in grammar that reveal the usage of irregular verbs in regular form. The goal of the study is to trace the applying of regular form for several irregular verbs in popular newspapers.