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Publication date: 13.11.2020
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Natalia P. Riabchun , candidate of philosophical sciences , associate professor
FSBEI of HE “National University of Oil and Gas “Gubkin University” , Москва г

«The Concepts of the Newest Anthropology: a Review on the Monograph by N.N. Rostova “The Human Problem in Modern Philosophy”. M.: Prospect, 2020»

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N. N. Rostova's monograph is considered in the review as an actual textbook for the study of philosophical anthropology in the system of higher and secondary professional education. Of particular interest in this monograph is a critical understanding of the latest Western concepts that have appeared in the last two decades and have not yet been reflected in textbooks on philosophical anthropology. These are speculative realism, nature anthropology, poststructuralist anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and philosophical horror. The article compares classical and post-non-classical concepts of man, his nature, essence, life purpose and place in the universe. Modern anthropology can be called anti-anthropology, because it denies human exclusivity, reduces man either to the organic world – animals, plants and microbes, or to the inorganic world – digital technologies.