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Publication date: 10.12.2020
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Anna V. Puchkova , bachelor of philological sciences
Elena A. Balashova , doctor of philological sciences
FSBEI of HPE "Kaluga State University named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky" , Калужская обл

«Modern Idyll: Scrapping the Genre or Dialogue with Tradition (Based on the Novel-Idyll by A.P. Chudakov "Haze Sets upon the Old Steps")»

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The article deals with the topical issue of the role of the genre canon in the work of A.P. Chudakov "Haze Sets Upon the Old Steps". The subtitle «idyllic novel» indicates a certain interaction with the genre invariant, and therefore the main task of this work is to clarify the purpose of including the idyllic canon in the structure of the novel. As a result, it is concluded that in this work it is worth talking about a dialogue with the canon, since even situations designed to serve as an opposition to idyllic pathos are structurally based on a traditional idyllic plot.