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Publication date: 18.12.2020
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Anton A. Chizhov
MBEI “Gymnasium” , Красноярский край
Marina A. Chizhova , candidate of engineering sciences , associate professor
Lesosibirsk branch of FSBEI of HE “Reshtnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology” , Красноярский край

«Bionics as the New Required Vector of Development»

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The article analyzes and summarizes the principles of architectural bionics applied to various construction and technical structures. The analysis was carried out in the course of studying the scientific literature on the topic “Bionics. Architectural structures». The purpose of this work is to study the principles of architectural bionics, to study the possibility and effectiveness of their application for solving engineering and technical problems. The main task of the work was to study the directions and principles of development of architectural bionics, to assess the effectiveness of their application for solving technical problems, to find the correspondence of biological systems to construction and technical structures and facilities, to analyze known architectural structures from the point of view of architectural bionics.