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Publication date: 13.07.2021
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Irina V. Ivlieva , candidate of philological sciences , associate professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology , USA

«Potential Units of Verb Synthesis: Properties and Possibilities (on the Material of the Russian Verbs of Sound)»

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The study identifies features of potential modifications and lacuna-forming modifiers involved in word-formation synthesis in the process of generating new verbs. The scientific novelty of this study is in the differentiated representation of lexical-semantic and morphological means (verbal modifiers) that are capable, on the one hand, of synthesizing a desired meaning (verbal modification) and, on the other hand, of producing lexical gaps (lacunae). As a result of analyzing the specific modifiers and modifications with respect to the lexical-semantic group of verbs of sound, the new products of synthesis (potential modifications) have been identified. The conditions for the appearance of lacunae and the role of the lacunae-forming modifiers are demonstrated. Through a special project at the Missouri S&T (USA) using the data from the Russian National Corpus, for the first time in lexicographic practice, novel modifications, previously considered non-existent, are introduced.