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Наука и инновации в современном мире и изменения социальных ценностей

Publication date: 25.07.2016
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Ekaterina N. Ialunina , doctor of economic sciences
FSBEI of HE "Ural State University of Economics" , Свердловская обл

«Оценка управления организациями как социальными и экономическими системами»

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In the given above work the analysis of the theorist – methodological bases of management of the organizations as social and economic systems is submitted. Today it is obvious that for a survival in the market and preservations of competitiveness of the organization they have to make changes to the economic activity. In this regard it is necessary to pay more attention to increase of effective management of social and economic systems of branch in which they function. The question as the organization is essentially important can resist to the changes of environment often arising, but irregularly and is almost unpredictable; by means of what preliminary measures they keep the viability and achieve the planned objectives. As the practice showed that activity of the organization is steadier if it constantly watches the main components of environment, is able to rethink standard and to make unexpected administrative decisions in the context of effective management of social and economic systems of branch. Therefore to the forefront of economic development of the organizations there are problems of revision and reconsideration of bases of management of social and economic systems.