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Компетентностный подход в образовании всех уровней

Publication date: 04.08.2016
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Ivonina Liudmila Fiodorovna , доцент, Заслуженная артистка России
FSFEI og HE "Perm State University of Culture" , Пермский край

«Проблемы перехода высшей музыкальной школы на компетентностную модель образовательного процесса»

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The author investigates the problems that higher musical education has to face while it is adapting to the reforms introduced by the Bologna process. It is analysed how the peculiar content of musical education can comply with general requirements of competence-oriented education. The author comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to create an alternative reform plan that would establish rules for creating a unified educational environment in institutions of higher musical education.