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Парадигмы современного образования (различные направления)

Publication date: 04.05.2017
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Aleksandr E. Lodkin , candidate of juridical sciences
Tamara A. Chetverikova , candidate of philosophical sciences
FSBEI of HE "Vologda State University" , Вологодская обл

«Патриотическое и правовое воспитание обучающихся – приоритетные направления образовательной политики высшей школы»

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The subject of this monograph is the disclosure of issues of patriotic and legal education of students of higher education as the most important components of educational policy in the university. The urgency of the concept of education of viable generations of Russian youth is substantiated, which assumes to be law-abiding, socially responsible, possess a developed sense of inner freedom and dignity, and be a patriot. We are talking about mastering students during their studies at the university with civic maturity and social activity, legal culture, careful attitude to the moral and moral values ​​of the rule of law state. Research data are given.

Все направления

Publication date: 21.07.2016
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Ilona V. Covalets , candidate of pedagogic sciences
Nationa institute of education , Belarus

«Behaviour formation among senior pupils with intellectual failure and difficulties in education»

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In conditions of social economic changes role of education increases in formation of behaviour of persons with special educational needs. The monography shows the content of education-corrective work to form socially demanded situation behaviour. The research found out behaviour problems of senior pupils and offers the ways to solve them on basis of life situation analysis forming spiritually-moral, active, helping, viable and endorsing behaviour

Сельскохозяйственные науки

Publication date: 19.07.2016
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Roman O. Khramtsov
Institute of Forest and Utilization of Nature FSBE of HPO "Ural State Forest and technical University" , Свердловская обл

«Estimation of regrowth by quality on slashes in Kurgan segment forestry»

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This article analyzes data from temporary experimental plots. Taxation data of the studied area is analyzed. On the basis of analysis the conclusion on growth quality was made.